"I am blessed, and I've worked on it."  -  Esther Tuttle, 100 yrs. old
 "You get what you work for"  -  Anon.

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My aim is to help you build a solid foundation for a healthy, flexible voice which does what you want it to...all throughout your life.

Every voice has the potential to have a lovely quality.  That quality will come as you learn good technique.  I offer a safe and encouraging environment where together we can work through your challenges.  I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, or that there is only one "correct" way to sing...but there's healthy, and then there's harmful.   There are ways to sing rock or Broadway which won't blow out your voice, and yes, it is possible to remain flexible enough to sing both classical, pop and jazz.

Every voice is different, and at every point in your vocal life, you'll have different challenges.  I tailor my exercises to your specific needs at each point in your development.   If you would love to sing, but believe you "have a tin ear", remember that ear training and vocal technique are learned skills.  Voices can be built!  It takes time to develop the elements of solid vocal technique which will help you protect your instruments, improve flexibility, pitch, tone, breath control, stamina, and of course, confidence!  Bad vocal habits left unaddressed can be hard to break, but (gently) break them we must!  I will guide you in the building of new habits.

Beyond technique, I will help you learn good performance skills, and to bring your heart into your singing.  I tap into my skills and experience as a professional Actor to help you take command of your performance, to overcome stage fright, and to find your own unique voice. We'll have fun!

My students range in age from 8-82.  All styles of singing can benefit from good, solid technique. I teach all styles, and at all levels.   Over the years, I've gathered experience and knowledge in many styles of singing -- R&B, Classical, Pop, Broadway, Jazz & Swing, The Great American Songbook, Opera, Rock...  I am confident that your voice and singing will improve in strength, beauty, expressiveness and good musicianship, whatever style you prefer.  Let's get started!

I also offer Performance & Audition Coaching, Music Theory & Sightsinging instruction.  
We can incorporate any of these skills into your voice lesson, or I can do separate sessions.  Let's talk. 



* 24-hr. cancellation is required to avoid being charged for a missed lesson.  I will try to re-schedule you for the same week, if a spot is open.  Your lesson time is reserved for you, and others will be turned away for that time.  Please be prompt and keep your appointment time. I will generally send email reminders, but even if you don't receive one (or don't check your email), I have set that time aside and will be waiting for you.

* Students who have secured regular lesson time slots have priority in scheduling.  

* Due to my sometimes unpredictable performance schedule, I may occasionally ask to re-schedule lessons, at your convenience.


30 min. lesson         $60

45 min. lesson         $75

60 min. lesson         $85


Sessions can be used for Voice Lessons, Performance or Audition Coaching, Sightsinging, Music Theory, or any combination thereof. 

I am a working Pro Singer: Recording Sessions, Film Scores, Animation, Swing & Big Band, member of the stellar Vocal Trio SOS, THE SISTERS OF SWING, Opera, Classical, Liturgical, Musical Theatre, Cabaret, R&B, Background Vocals, Rock, Composers' Demos...
Classically Trained

Foothills location, close to Glendale, Montrose, La Crescenta, La Canada, Pasadena
Email me to schedule your lesson at teresa@teresaparente.com